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I was born and grew up in Toronto, Ontario. My love of books began after our family TV died when I was three and my parents decided not to replace it. Instead our family filled that time with reading. I spent many hours snuggled on a warm lap listening to stories. Then I began to make up my own tales and I’ve been doing so ever since.

Our house was filled with books and assorted pets including Grandpa Schnitzel the hamster, a wild grackle named Kack, Maxie the turtle, and Sandy, a beloved dog. We travelled to a cottage in Muskoka each summer in two cars to accommodate all the cages (and books!). I often imagined what stories our animals would tell if persuaded to speak our language.

In elementary school I loved reading best. I lived in my imagination both inside and outside my favourite books. I still look inside every wardrobe I find to see if there is a passage through into Narnia.

In high school, my best subject was English. I read, played the flute, wrote poetry and then songs for my band The RADS. Then I went on to study photography at Ryerson University.

When I am not writing or visiting schools and libraries as an author, I am often reading! (Do you see a pattern?) When I can’t do that, I nose about in the woods where I take pictures and talk to trees, bugs, birds, animals and the Earth. When possible, I also spend time with my two sons who are in their twenties.

Many people ask me what inspires my books. I want to write about people who find the courage to stand up for what they believe. I want to write about the natural world. And I want to write about adventure in many forms. I love writing because it takes me to places both real an imagined that I never expect and it has introduced me to extraordinary people including readers of all ages.

I live now in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire with my husband.

And one more thing: I believe in magic, which sometimes shows up as books.

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Books by Rebecca

Secret of the Village Fool
The Last Loon
Lily and the Paper Man
Patrick's Wish

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I enjoy hearing from my readers. Please feel free to contact me by sending email to rebecca dot upjohn at gmail dot com.

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